About Us

Welcome, Bienvenue and Herzlich Wilkommen to our online home! Since our first baby on the internet in 2016, with a homemade Wordpress website, we have come quite a way. My name is Tamara de Poniatowska:  I am the owner of the - still fairly small - business that is Skippings Fine Arts, and the curator of the collection you see presented here. 

I graduated with an MA (Cantab) in History of Art, and have been working arts since 1998: as a buyer for a Paris gallery, as pictures expert for a Paris auction house and as an independant consultant and valuer. As an art historian, I was also conducting in depth research on a number of 20th Century artists such as Boris Taslitzky, Gertrude O'Brady, Eugène Gallien-Laloue and Marcel Dyf.  Returning to the UK in 2014 after several decades abroad, I seized the opprtunity to develop Skippings Gallery in Great Yarmouth, which subsequently became Skippings Fine Arts. Over the decades, my passion of art has only grown stronger, and this passion is really what I want to share with you.

I'd like to show you that genuine artefacts are not lifeless: they have the power to transform and brighten our lives and homes. They can be a revelation. Art can make you stronger. It can soothe you, stimulate you, connect with you, add to your life, in the way a friendship or a significant encounter does. 

This is what has driven me to establish Skippings Fine Arts as a the place where to find comfort in beauty of human creativity. I'd like you to meet my artists and artworks, discover their stories, and maybe fall in love with them...the way it has happened to me. 




This is me as expert at the Paris auction house, in front of a stage curtain by Erté which featured in our sale

With my other passion: the Roly Dog!

In my first Gallery, 2016