Bartoletti: Abstract Geometric Composition

Bartoletti: Abstract Geometric Composition

Code: 10216


H: 42cm (16.5")W: 28cm (11")D: 1cm (0.4")


A magnificently harmonious composition in the spirit of Paul Klee and Max Bill - and interestingly enough, both artists that have an association with Alfred Bartoletti, the artist who painted this luminous and harmonious abstract composition.
Bartoletti's work has been described as a having  "quiet charisma, which, when viewed intensively, lets you immerse yourself in a world full of light and colours”

Alfred Bartoletti was the son of a painter-decorator. It is likely that his family background gave
him a particular appreciation of the technical skill involved in painting. His pictures are
carefully executed, with love, consideration and precision.
Bartoletti worked in Switzerland, but also in Paris, where he exhibited at the Salon des
Surindépendants from the 1930s onwards, and in Provence. In the 1940s, he became a
member of Allianz, an association of modern artists that included Max Bill.
According to art critic Guy André Mayor, Bartoletti's most mature works come close in
their high spirituality to the images of another member of the alliance: Paul Klee. Mayor
compares Bartoletti not only to Klee, but also to Sonia Delaunay, placing Bartoletti's
serene, self-contained works between Delaunay's dynamic, colourful and expressive
pictures, and Klee's fantastical and playful compositions.
Our oil on canvas is signed and dated 1974 at the lower right and again to the verso. It is presented in its original artist strip frame.