Petit: Swan Lake: A Bank Of Swans At Night Large Art Deco Painting

Petit: Swan Lake: A Bank Of Swans At Night Large Art Deco Painting

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H: 89cm (35")W: 89cm (35")D: 1cm (0.4")


A stunning and atmospheric painting by Marius Petit (1882-1960). It dates from the 1920s, the height of the art deco period. Glorious, scintillating and beautifully coloured; it is a delight to live with.

it shows a bank of swans that have gathered near the fountain of a pool in the evening. I sense fireworks in the background - maybe there is a celebration going on in the castle grounds where the scene is surely taking place? Depicted is quite possibly the "Bassin des Enfants" at the Versailles castle.

Marius Petit was  post impressionist of Savoy origins, and was active in Paris and its environs.

While painting on the water's edge on day, he was spotted by Delamain, the lithographer, who came to be his mentor. The oil on canvas presented here is unsigned, but had never left the artist's family: its previous owner was Petit's daughter Madeleine,

Please forgive the old and perfectly stable craquelure visible of this hundred-year-old work: Petit, as a young artist, was poor as a church mouse when he painted it, and probably used old canvas.

With luminous colours, the artwork presents well.

Measuring 80 x 80 cm, the overall framed size is 89 x 89 cm