Bahrmann: Chiaroscuro, The Cottage, Working By The Hearth

Bahrmann: Chiaroscuro, The Cottage, Working By The Hearth

Code: 10191


H: 56cm (22")W: 66cm (26")D: 2cm (0.8")


Depicting a humble setting, this painting from the early 20th century has all the elegance, skill and depth of a Dutch old master. There is something incredibly comforting and peaceful about the stillness and slowness of the scene. Two women are working quietly by a hearth. Entering into the the chiaroscuro of the scene, we become aware, little by little, of details: the door behind them, the stairs which lead to a door through which seeps light.

This oil on board is a work by Carl Frchtegott Hermann Bahrmann (1874-1941) an artist from Wuppertal who studied with Baluschek in Berlin and exhibited widely in Germany. Although there is little other biographical information about the artist, we know that he also travelled and worked in France and North Africa.

Measuring 41 x 49 cm, the painting is signed and dated 1936 at the lower right.

The overall size in a good frame with visible repair is 56 x 66 cm.