Attr Grasset:  An Atypical Beauty c1830 Woman Artist

Attr Grasset: An Atypical Beauty c1830 Woman Artist

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H: 49.5cm (19.5")W: 40cm (15.7")D: 1cm (0.4")


A stunning portrait of an atypical Parisian beauty by Adele Grasset (active ca 1830-1850).  With her intelligent eyes and determined look, doesn't this lady bear great resemblance to Chopin's paramour George Sand?
The sitter is most likely Jeanne Marie Vidal, wife of Claude Auguste Seguin, from a prominent family in Avignon, as the family tree attached to the back for the frame indicates. 

As  often with woman artists of the 18th and 19th century, there is little biographical information available on the artist,  Adèle Grasset. We do know however, that she had studied with the highly prominent artist François "Baron" Gérard (1770-1837). 
Adèle Grasset is particularly famed for her portrait of the poet Louise Colet, Gustave Flaubert's lover. Another painting by Adèle Grasset, a portrait of Canova, is in Versailles Castle. 
Please note that the graphite drawing here presented is unsigned. It came from a family collection of portraits which  by Adèle Grasset - you will find  them in separate listings- and so there is little doubt about the authorship.