Caillaux: Jazzy Trumpeter And Clown, Archille Zavatta Mid Century

Caillaux: Jazzy Trumpeter And Clown, Archille Zavatta Mid Century

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H: 71cm (28")W: 60cm (23.6")D: 2cm (0.8")


A vibrant and jazzy depiction of the trumpeter and clown Zavatta by French artist Rodolphe Caillaux (1904-1989).

Caillaux made his debut as a painter at the Salon des Indpendants in 1928, at the same time as Alexander Calder, Otto Freundlich , Jean Hlion and Joaquin Torres Garcia. He entered the Salon d'Automne in 1932, later becoming a member of the Committee of the Salon des Indpendants, and President of the Salon Comparaisons.

Born in Montmartre, and with a studio at the "Montmartre-aux-Artistes" artist colony at 189, Rue Ordener, Caillaux exhibited at the most important Parisian Galleries such as the Galerie Charpentier, the Galerie Drouant, and the Galerie La Belle Gabrielle.

Rodolphe Cailaux's first career had been as an entertainer in Music Halls, and he retained a love for everything vaudeville, cabaret, mime and music. This is much in evidence in the portrait of the circus man and close friend Achille Zavatta. Zavatta was a clown, acrobat, trapeze artist and musician. He played the drums, the saxophone and, as shown here, the trumpet.

Our painting of Zavatta was of particular significance to Caillaux and was used as the design for a lithograph, as indicates an inscription by the artist on the verso. The artwork has strong graphics with almost a touch of art deco.

Painted in gouache/bodycolour on paper, it measures 55 x 38 cm at sight and is signed at the lower right. Dating from the 1950s, it is presented in its original mid century modern frame. The overall framed size is 71 x 60 cm.